Giant colouring poster - City


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"This is a colouring picture as big as your bed
And the characters on it went a little bit mad
The peacock will ask you to ride on its tail
And will you have a swim on the back of a whale?

Take the cards, invite all your friends
And look up in the adventure book
Who sings at night or loves to dance
Or what crocodiles nowadays cook
Take all the colour markers you can get
And go crazy with blue, green and red!"

A large map drawn vertically that represents a city and its hustle and bustle. Ready to be painted with marker, wax, pencils at ease.

It comes folded in a cardboard box of about A4 size.


HEIGHT: 150 cm // 59 in
WIDTH: 91.4cm // 36 in

Material: paper

It includes:
1 x large vertical city poster for colouring
1 x cartoon booklet (sheet A3, divided into 4 pages) in English
4 x postcards to invite your peers up for a painting session!