Retro cars metal

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This is a handmade metal limousine with a simple design, inspired on the old limousine models of the first half of the 20th century. This beautiful car is also provided with a winding mechanism to make it run.

Jesco von Puttkamer, its designer and producer, began in 1999 to manufacture these car models from the remains of industrial production and other metal products. His 42 square-meter workshop, a factory based on an early industrial model, emerged in the rooms of a former butcher shop where almost 100 years ago life and work were combined in a confined space. Currently known as Germany’s smallest Autofabrik.

These cars, a mixture of art and design, with their archaic and simple optics are not only a toy for the young ones but pieces of collection for adults.


Size (lenght): 26cm

Color: black

Material: iron

Made in Germany. Design and manufacture: Jesco von Puttkamer