Miss Monnipenni (Piggy Bank)


79,00 €
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Miss Monnipenni is a cultivated and carefully bred animal.

Even if her inner values are monetary by nature, for her, money isn’t everything. Being a true domestic piggy she likes to look good on shelves, sideboards, and desktops. Her beautiful features and superior qualities make her unique and refreshingly different from any mass-produced breeds.

Miss Monnipenni is crafted from solid German beech, has striking pink leather ears and a matching leather 'plug' at the base that provides access to funds. She even comes with a starting investment of one penny inside.

An ideal birthday or christening gift.


HEIGHT: 16.5 cm // 6.5 in
WIDTH: 12.5 cm // 4.9 in
DEPTH: 11 cm // 4.3 in

Contents: Beech piggy bank with leather ears, 1 Euro penny