Lovi Oy is a brand based in 2003 in Oulu, Finland, that creates sympathetic figures in sustainable wood.

They are a unique business model, with a fully sustainable program backing up their production. Also, a peculiarity of this brand’s creations is that you mount the figures yourself! To come up with the beautiful 3-D animals and trees, you must follow the instructions in every pack – it’s all user friendly and 100% ecologic.

All designs by Finnish Anne Paso are cut in flat wooden planches in postcard size, with how-to diagrams. They use exclusively Finnish birch plywood, a type of tree that is common in the North. The process to create a standing bird, a spruce tree, or a wooden pig, is all very simple – detach the pieces from their matrix, and fit them with one another in the order that is specified. Bring to life a living being in beautiful colors, all ready for play or to decorate your rooms with!

Lovi is successful in museums, cultural institutions, and in many design and concept stores. They have developed several custom-made designs for their clients (Moomin’, Gaudí, Meninas…).

This is because sustainable products are today in the spotlight, with people caring about means of production. Following a reforestation project launched by them, Lovi has planted more than 55.000 trees since 2009.

By buying Lovi products, not only the Finnish forest is being refilled – a part of nature is gifted, a beautiful, easy-to-send present. An alternative Christmas tree can be bought for the year, for instance.