The Modul@r Desk Organizer is a fully customizable DIY set of containers for your office accessories.

  • It’s simple. Create with ease the cubby holes that suit your desk top necessities.
  • It’s basic. Wood, metal, elastic bands, magnetic pads, cardboard. Simply join the elements – No need for more.
  • It’s modular. With a movable nature, a modifiable structure, and reliable high quality materials for experimentation.

This Desk Organizer is both a decorative item, and a creative and interactive design tool to help architects, artisans, and messy workplaces with their everyday development. It is also eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable.

The MEDIUM model makes up to 2 containers. Keep it clean and tidy with the medium pack – your main stationery will be at hand and in order; create two compartments of different dimensions that will resist any pens and rulers, while getting rid of the clutter and expanding your space. Check the pictures!

Wood, metal, cardboard, natural rubber

2 x double wood units
2 x single wood units
5 x coloured metal corners
10 x elastic bands
2 x magnetic self-adhesive squares for your metal clips
6 x illustrated cardboard dividers